Best of Show + Best Euro + Arts in Motion Award

Representing the Usual Suspects

From Pacific Palisades / Ewa Beach

20170503_220134Photo courtesy of Joey Kekoa and Irene Ramiro


Hottest Drop Top

Representing the West Side Ka’ahui Braddahood

From Mililani / Maili20170503_220909Photos courtesy Irene Ramiro with Henry Ramiroimg_0426Ladies are King of the Block!


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20170421_131923In honor of Farrington High School Class of 2017, Governor alumni or Kalihi resident with a vintage/classic VW came back to school and supported its senior week with a car show during their lunch break on this Friday, 4/21/2017.  Sixteen plus VeeDub owners were able to take off from their day jobs, supported, and gathered for an old school reunion. 

Big mahalo to Brandy Javier, Classweek Chaiperson; Coordinators Theresa Shubert and Ropati Liua; and Brah Willie Solomon; and the President and Vice President of Class of 2017 Crystal Tabar and Jeremy Butac for inviting we VeeDub enthusiasts.  Mahalo to the VeeDub enthusiasts who went back to school and gave a little back to their alma mater.

Alumni range in between class of 1966 thru class of 1997.  They are:  Janet & Alfredo Decierdo, Allan Agor, Dean Sheldon, Ed Ramirez, Gordon Bantolina, Gordon Ortiz, Henry Ramiro, Horace Todd, Jeff Marzo, Lance Patigayon, Leo Bringas, Leon Bringas, Ray DeJesus, Roy Tampon, Russell Sharpe, Sal Acosta, Spyda Leanno, Todd Matsumoto and Brah Willie Solomon.   

Students car show are:  Aaron Destacamento, Braden Daquioag, Dalton Rodrigues, Edward Nacapuy, Hartden Cyann Rumbaoa, Jericho Acosta, John Patrick Coloma, Joshua Renoy, Justin Uahinui, Mark Pascua and Marvin Sales.

See video here.20170421_125343afarrington-high-school-football-field “IN PRAISE OF FARRINGTON!”

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d0abeaa3-5909-4734-8686-4b677b2e5723Good Morning,

In the time since OCI Media purchased and published our first issue, the May edition of Hot VWs magazine, we have received a lot of positive feedback from our readers and the VW Community. The encouragement and kind words makes us happy.

We are aware many of you did not receive the April 2017 issue. We have decided to reprint and resend to all of our subscribers, a copy of the April 2017 issue which will be mailed along with your June issue of Hot VWs magazine in a few weeks.

We want you to know how much we value your loyalty and we hope to continue to be your number one VW magazine.

Best Regards,

OCI Media

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Richard M. Carvalho – Hottest Van

Tracie Kekoa – Hottest Female Ride

Mike Archer – Hottest VW

img_6998Photo courtesy Joey Kekoa

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20170416_040255In honor of Phil Grover (and ohana) of Grover Performance Garage in Sydney, Australia, Island VeeDubz gathered for a Saturday Night Cruise Night at Pearl City Walmart on April 15, 2017.  As coordinated by Andy Perreira of Vintage Volkswagen Club of Hawaii, members (and independent) of VW Club of Hawaii, Hawaiian VW Outlaws and Vintage Volkswgen Club of Hawaii are:  Andy Perreira, Albert Lambert, Brian Kim, Chris Kini, Danny Nakanelua, Derwin Yamaguchi, Randy Wong, Roy Dunlap, Sean Viernes, Todd Horace, and Alfredo & Janet Decierdo, Allan Agor, Bubba Parrow & Myrah Salcedo, Dean Funakoshi, Ed & Dez Ramirez, Eldin Tomas & Cheryl, Glenn & Elena Luecke, Gordon Ortiz, Jeff Marzo, Keven Meyer, Lance Patigayon, Mike Tangonan, Roy Tampon, Spyda Leanno and Brah Willie Solomon.


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img_7045Pix by Lynn Scott of Ryan ‘RAPSHI’ Rapisura, Jim ‘Foot Loose’ Scott and Kevin Meyer.


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