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ISLAND VEEDUB001Island Vee Dub is working on a new lease agreement at 3480 Waialae Avenue, Suite 4, Ewa of Tamura’s, 2nd floor above Page Dance Academy. It’s practically right across the street from Alex’s current location.  Alex plan to still be at his current location until April 18, then start transitioning over. Alex hopes to reopen again on May 9 at 3480 Waialae Avenue, Suite 4. 

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It is with great sadness that we report of our good friends, Leopoldo and Brenda and Leon Bringas, and Dean Sheldon losing their home due to $530,000 fire damage.  Leon who is suffering from kidney failure and Dean tried frantically with their garden hoses to stop the fire, but it was too intense.  In the fracas Leon fractured his ankle and had to be pulled from the fire by his neighbor.   

Thank God no lives were lost.  The Bringas Ohana and their good family friend, Dean Sheldon, loss everything,  I mean, everything. 

VWs lost were a Bug, two Things, and a Squareback.  The ’71 Crew Cab was the only survivor.  In the Channel 2 news Leo showed pictures he kept in his Crew Cab of his ‘girls’ lost to the fire.

The Bringas loss is our loss.  The greater VW community will assist and help the Bringas Ohana in any way we can.  During  tonight’s Cruise Night at Laulani Village Shopping Ctr near City Mill, Kenneth ‘Kokomo’ Ho carrying two plastic jars hustled for donations and cruisers graciously gave and gave.  Donations does not stop.  Donations will continue to be accepted at Matsumoto’s Okazuya at 1323 Gulick Ave., Honolulu, HI 96819.  Off-island donators may mail to Matsumoto’s Okazuya.  Cash, personal check (made out to cash), or USPS money order will be accepted.  No paypal.  The donation box at Matsumoto’s will be out until May 15th, then final collection at the Vintage VW Club of Hawaii swap meet on Sun. May 17th.  Please give generously from your heart.


“Big Mahalo to everybody that made a donation for Dean Tbug service, bless you guys with the big hearts Aloha” Kokomo

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The next Bleizn FX’s Rooftop Cruise Night will begin 4:30pm on Saturday, April 25, 2015 at Pearl Ridge Mall Downtown.

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Photo courtesy Patrick Vendiola

“ALL VWs, EVERY SINGLE VW Model is a personal VIP guest at 808_Fuel’s EWA BEACH CRUISE NIGHT. We at 808_Fuel have never banned and will never ban my favorite group of Cruizas from the Ewa Beach cruise night ~ Kaila, President Oahu Chapter 808 Fuel. “

Collage courtesy of Kaila Mada

Photo courtesy Edge Yuen aka HiVolks (fb)

General Cruisers Common Sense:  Abide by and respect organizer’s and property manager’s rules.  No exhibition of speed or burning out on venue property, near or around cruise night site.  Any action thereof will be at the risk of the individual.

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Sophia and Louis flashing their VW sign.  Images courtesy of Jeannemarie Photography www.jeannemariephoto.com

New batch of VW Club of Hawaii royal blue, iconic, club t-shirt.  Limited quantity per size available.  Sport it to your next VeeDub event and proudly represent and share your VW Aloha.  Very limited quantity per size available, so get’em while it’s hot off the press.  Local pick-up $20 ea.  $27.03 paypal shipped.  Sorry, NO international shipping.  Contact Sal here or fb for coordinating instructions.

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