Contact Billy (808)741-3713 to register your VW.  $50 to register.  $$$ for Best of Show! 

Venue is NOT on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam; it is at the Navy Fleet Reserve Association across the Honolulu Fire Department Regional Training Center — NO base access required.

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Pix by Lisa Miller

In honor of Sammy Delgado, Kawika Delgado’s father, the Hawaii Polo Club paid tribute to one of Hawaii’s great equestrians, Sammy Delgado, a former HPC player. VWs were the featured attraction during the half-time show.  

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Another epic memorialization of the ‘Underdog’ legacy  by old and new friends of Tony Young took place on this blessed hot Sunday at the Tantalus Lookout.  Members of Vintage VW Club of Hawaii, Usual Suspects, Hawaiian VW Outlaws, Hawaiian Toyota Outlaws, Westside Ka’ahui Braddahood, Team VW Westside, Power On Crew and VW Club of Hawaii partake in the festivities.  VeeDubs from around the island gathered early at Pier-38 then convoyed up to Round Top.  The Hornos ohana, Les & Chance Kaneshiro, Mitsu Freeman, and Paul Hyde were the early birds at Pier 38.  Brian Kim, Chris Kini, Derek Kiyota, Erik Shimabuku, Terry Gabriel, and Gordon Taculao & Missy were the advance party under their pop-up tents at the lookout.  Parking was scarce and filled to the max.  There were upwards of 35+ VDubs at the lookout.  Then it was tribute time.  Volks folks had their own way of paying tribute to the man overlooking majestic Manoa which was Tony’s stomping ground.  Whether it was whispering a little prayer on their own or roaring Manoa to rise and shine.  Kevin Oshiro clicked on his Facebook live.  Tony Young, Jr. in his father’s Buggy zoomed by.  Da Moped Crew and Bikers, too, came doing doughnuts and throwin’ wheelies.  There were not only old school VWs, but there were also couple old school imports (Toyota Corollas) of Mike Whaley and Bubba Parrow.  Rylee Carvalho was surfing her 21-Window.  ‘Shenanigans’, ‘buckaloose’ and mandatory fun in honor of Tony Young were NOT to be missed on this annual occasion.  Sooner than later Honolulu’s finest kept watch.  It was getting to be 96 degrees in the shade then the Volks folks began to disperse to Mokuleia Polo Field and their own group cruise.  All in all it was a GREAT tribute!

Best part is my 17.5 lbs 4 month old grandson, on his first cruise, witnessed it all!

Mark your calendars for July 15, 2018 tentatively Sand Island.

Pix by Irene Ramiro

Pix by Mitsu Freeman

Tribute to Tony ‘Underdog’ Young video here.

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Photos by Leilani Carvalho

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The Usual Suspects’ Cindy Kekoa and Tracie Kekoa are Queens of the Block!

Cindy Kekoa and Tracie Kekoa

Joseph Boy & Cindy Kekoa

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