On this Saturday afternoon, a small cadre of VeeDubs of Westside Ka’a Hui Braddahood, Der Perle Stadt Kreuzers, and the VW Club of Hawaii cruised from Pearl City Walmart to Pier 38 to Honolulu Coffee Experience Center for the first ever Dubs & Coffee.  Thanks to Kayla Keehu for allowing we VeeDubs to cruise-in at the Honolulu Coffee Experience Center.  We were greeted by Lynn Anderson of HotVWs Magazine and Hunter Haskins, Journalist of Hana Hou the Magazine of Hawaiian Airlines.  Look for Lynn’s story coverage of this Dubs & Coffee Cruise in the October hotVWs Magazine issue coming into your store shelves or mailbox during September.  Hunter, an awesome storyteller is conjuring the perfect story which you will read in your upcoming Hawaiian Airlines flight.  Great venue at the beginning of Waikiki which we hope to engage more in the future.

20160611_152224Nelson Viernes, ’64 aqua Notchback with Subaru powerplant; Sonny Hornos’ ’61 Bug;

and, Hector Comesario’s ‘Red Heat’ Buggy.



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13343119_10206797869330965_4425573246583252898_nPhoto courtesy of Elena Luecke

of Hawaiian VW Outlaws — Earl Patrick Stone, Glenn Kaleikaapunihonua, Tano Salvador, Mike Luna, and Eldin Tomas


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Threelife ParadisePhoto courtesy Threelife Paradise

Among other meet-n-greeters in Waikiki was Jedediah Peters of Oregon who’s the owner of this sweet 23-Window.

11178268_1058972084132404_4970248138219756238_nPhoto courtesy Jedediah Peters at Woodshoe Tulip in Oregon.

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We regret to inform you that we will not be returning to Cheesecake Factory loading dock for some time.  Unfortunately, due to complaints of certain indiscretion to the hosting establishment the VWs are banned for an indefinite period from future events at the Cheesecake Factory loading dock in Waikiki.  When there is at least one complaint and the tourist public safety is jeopardized, an apology was insufficient or unacceptable.  We could not defend the inaction of our own.  Sal worked hard for years with management to secure this site for the betterment of the greater VW community.  Unfortunately, it will take some time maybe years to rebuild our credibility.  We have to do better and police ourselves.          

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We regret to inform you that  unfortunately there will be no VWs participating in the 100th Anniversary King Kamehameha Day Celebration Floral Parade.  A few reasons led us to this final decision — the VWs track record in parade participation in the past years  has been very dismal; despite months of advertisement and promotion, there has been insufficient or disinterest in participating on June 11th; and, a lot of Volks folks are in Cali for the Classics and El Prado. 

We would rather facilitate and exert our energy to another event and better serve the greater VW community.  It will take a year or two for the VWs to rebuild its credibility with the King Kamehameha Parade Commission.  We will need the greater VW community’s assist.   We will try to facilitate and we’re hopeful that VWs will come out for the September 24th, 2016 Aloha Festival Floral Parade.  If you intend to attend the Aloha Festivals Floral Parade we will be asking for the following information in August: Driver and occupants names, year, type, and color of VeeDub, and hometown.

Again, we apologize if this has caused any inconvenience.

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The 16th annual VW Club of Hawaii Hawaii Food Shaka Show-n-Shine Car Show has moved (from the Key Hole aka Figure 8) to Magic Island still at Ala Moana Beach Park.  The date remains the same — Sunday during Labor Day Weekend — September 4, 2016.  Park opens at 4:00am.  Camping out is discouraged.  Barriers will be erected as soon as Friday, September 2, 2016.  Do NOT pass barriers to try and park your VeeDub.  We are still plotting the VWCoH check-in tent, trophy & stage tent, designated parking by type/class, and our fellow clubs and vendors tents.  If clubs have certain grass area that they want reserved contact Todd or Sal as soon as feasible.  None of the grass area are reserve-able by a permit with the City & County Parks & Recreation; they are first-come-first-serve basis.  Appreciate your patience and understanding as we make this slight move.

magic is  Screenshot_2016-05-07-16-43-45-1







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