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  1. Bobby DeBellis says:

    Hello. My name is Bobby DeBellis from Fairmont,WV. last yr is was in kona the wk end of your Sep show.When i landed in Honolulu to catch my flight to kona i called Mike to ask him if he could hold a Tee shirt for me when i got back to waikiki.I called him he met me with tee shirt and sticker in hand. You truely have a great member that cares about your club. I will be coming to the Sept 5th show at the beach this yr. Just wish i could bring my vw to cruise around the beach sunday.it looks like it would be a great way to see the island. My wife and i are so excited about coming to the show .We missed it last yr so you made plans to come back to hawaii to see the show .It looks great in the HOT VW magazine. Have a great day and hope to hear from you all about the show Thank You Bobby + Denise from fairmont ,Wv 4700 miles from you all wvdebo52@aol.com 304-534-5647

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