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The VW Club of Hawaii was founded in 1997 by a group of friends. The original group had been “cruising” the VW scene in Oahu from the late 70’s to the early 80’s. In 1997, Todd Matsumoto rallied this group of friends, known today as, the “VW Club of Hawaii”.

The club’s intentions were to make a positive impact in the community. Other goals were to make VW’s safer on our streets and to legalize the ever popular fiberglass Dune Buggy and Porsche Speedster replica.

We are a family oriented club and base our cruises and community events on good old fashioned family values. We welcome all new members to our family and look forward to perpetuating the VW scene in Hawaii.

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  1. Bob Gwaltney says:

    I have two doors and a deck lid from a 1973 Ghia that I would like to sell. There is some limited rust, all easily repaired. The doors have the glass, door hinges and interior latches. If anyone in your club is interested, please contact me via my email address.
    Mahalo, Bob

  2. Don says:


    A warmest greeting from Paris, France


  3. walter koko'o says:

    i am a soldier deployed to kuwait,and i come home in august!i have a 67 vw bug that i am going to rebuild when i come home,i want to join your club how can i join?thank you,Spc.Walter Koko’o US Army (Hawaii National Guard)Camp Patriot Kuwait

  4. SEEVWTV says:

    Keep the VW love going! Seems like you guys do a lot over there in Hawaii. I’m trying to keep that same VW love going here in FL!

  5. Pat says:

    Great to see some old timers that are into VWs.
    I was part of the 70s-90s Big Isle Bug guys. Pretty sure I was the first gearhead to run 48s on the street. I been to Oahu a few times…back in the day when the LollyPop was still there. Anybody rememer “Ruff n Ready”?
    57 drag bug owned by Smally Cho. He must be in his 50s by now.

    Anyhow, hope to cruise with you guys someday.


  6. Billy says:

    Looking forward to becoming a member and having access to all the great resources. I have a 70 transporter and a 63 ghia . I’m looking for advice about a body off resto on the ghia. See you guys at the show this month. Thanks for all the info ,Billy. P.S. Pat Smally Cho lives close by has vw’s and has a year old set of twin girls and has a painting company Island wide coatings & refinishing islandwidecoating@hotmail.com Mahalo gang.

  7. Conrad Negrone says:

    Interested in joining your club. I have a Manx. I know a few members but never have attended a function yet.

  8. Tony Funtanilla says:

    Hi guys i live in kona but my car is in honolulu, dont really know anyone but would like to do some of the cruises with you. do you need to be a member to attend? What would be cool if one day we could get all the islands together meet and do something special show and shine island cruise and pot luck on a weekend. just a thought thanks

  9. Adam says:

    Just moved to the island and going to ship my bug over in a couple of months. I had the bumper cutouts in the fenders filled in. Do I need to run bumpers or t bars over here to pass safety inspection.

  10. "Hawaii" Jose Bayani says:

    you need bumpers here, you may be able to run buggy bumpers but will need to be approved by Hawaii’s DMV (Recon) reconstruction division. An appointment needs to be made, I would STRONGLY suggest talking to some of the local VW guys to get their take, advise on your situation. If your car has been altered in anyway?? it needs to be within limits/regulation of Hawaii’s laws. It’s best to research all avenues before you make an appointment, if you fail at recon, your car will be failed for safety check as well !!

  11. Marty Nielsen says:

    We are from Hawaii including our 1960 dble. cab pickup which we show. But we live in Florida. Would love to be a member of the VWClub of Hawaii n Show our pick-up under your name. We have won 9 Best of Shows 5 with Vws n 4 with open class.For a total of 74 trophies.Lional Haile told us to contact John Morigama. Could you send us more info? The VW locals in Florida all show together.We are on our way to the Pasco Jam nov. 14. which we won 1st place last year. Mahalo Marty

  12. Obake says:

    can i join VW Club of Hawaii even though i live in carson ca??? :(-
    youy guys got t shirts and stickers for the club and the 2011 shaka weekend?
    i got a 56 baby window w/semaphores and a 2332cc built by powerhaus. got into bugs in the late 70’s as a kid–now @ 52 finally got my dream– a baby window!!!

  13. Hey Everyone Tony VW is selling great unsualstuff VW memorabilia this weekend at Podium raceway from 11:00 to 4:00 PM

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