The VW enthusiasts did not disappoint the family, women, and children of the Institute for Human Services.  

A small cadre of early VeeDubs gathered at Pearl City Wal-Mart.  Little rain/blessing came upon us as we mingled for a few minutes.  The birthday bruddah, Wayne Siaris, took the lead and led the convoy on an easy cruise to IHS. 

Gordon & Carol & Cheriece Oritz, and Richard Carvalho and the IHS crew worked hard in preparing for VWs to arrive.  Tents were up, holiday music was in the air,  and the boxes were ready to receive the VW enthusiasts and friends donations.  There were plenty a hot dogs, chili, rice, cookies, apple sauce, drinks for the families of IHS, and for the VW enthusiasts and friends.

The guided tour of the IHS facility was an ‘eye-opener’.  Lynn Scott among others were amazed of the work that Gordon Ortiz and IHS put into this social services program.  There were three guided tours that probably gave all anew perspective in life, and a renewed purpose during this upcoming holiday season. 

Special guest all the way from down under, Australia, Ben Mallie was in awe.  Ben is a good friend and staunch supporter of the VW Club of Hawaii.  His visit to Hawaii was delayed as he was suppose to visit during the 17th Shaka Show in September. 

In total upwards of 47 VWs from various VW Clubs were represented.  Usual Suspects, Vintage Volkswagen Club of Hawaii, Hawaiian VW Outlaws and VW Independent were in attendance.  The most noticeable crew that rolled-in about 20 deep were the Usual Suspects lead by Usual Suspect #1 Wayne Silva.

Connie Mitchell, Director of IHS had the distinguished duty of selecting the Director’s Choice Trophy.  Winner of the 7th Annual Keiki Gift Drive Cruise Director’s Choice is Joseph Boy (and dad Josiah) Kekoa of the Usual Suspects. 

Big Mahalo to Connie Mitchell, Gordon Ortiz, Sr., all IHS employees.  Also, thank you to Carol & Cheriece Ortiz, Richard M. Carvalho.Picture by Jim Scott

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