Honolulu Zoo’s Summer concert series ‘Wildest Show in Town’ featured ‘Beat-Lele’ and Hawaiian VW Outlaws’ Glen Kaleikaapunihonua’s Beetle dubbed ‘DA LOOK’.  Very fitting as Beat-Lele sang ‘Beatles’ music.  Glen and ‘DA LOOK’ represented Hawaiian VW Outlaws, the VW brand, the Beetles, and the VW community mighty well.  Others committed but could not deliver at showtime. 

Mahalo to Shelby Carlos for the invite to coincide with the Beetle theme.

Images courtesy Glen Kaleikaapunihonua

3 Responses to “THE WILDEST SHOW IN TOWN (pau)”
  1. Ashley says:

    Very interested please contact me.

  2. Da Rusty 57 says:

    If Rusty’s done by then…

    Mahalo nui loa

  3. Kawika Delgado says:

    I’m comin

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