Our VW lifestyle is not our only passion in Hawaii Nei.  We care for our fellow (wo)man.  Recently, acts of kindness and selfless giving were displayed across Oahu:

On Thanksgiving Day Todd, Jeanine, Taylor & Tyler Matsumoto gave about 3 hours worth and $$$, and provided heaping plates to the needy at behind Dillingham Blvd Zippy’s in Kalihi.

15241854_10205950936291899_7780466304337527263_n 15178290_10205950935771886_8372973363453709654_n












On December 18th, The Usual Suspects gave food, clothing, blankets, and etc. to the less fortunate at Waianae Boat Harbor.

screenshot_20170117-211858Pix courtesy Danny Casaquit

On January 14th the Hawaiian VW Outlaws giving back at Hau Bush in Ewa.

15977085_10209677156344475_1603075573435326121_nPix courtesy Glen Kaleikaapunihonua

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