14183717_10153872276832596_4331593110234145231_nPhoto courtesy Jon Bickford

Bruce and Winnie Meyers experienced first hand what Shaka Weekend is all about.  From San Diego, CA Bruce and Winnie had a stop over in Lahaina, Maui where Bruce met up with his 91 year old childhood friend, George.  On the way to the airport Lap Nguyen and Brandon Sylva (Buggy owners), too, met up with Bruce and Winnie.  Upon arrival to Honolulu International Airport, Jon Bickford of Kauai greeted Bruce and Winnie.  From there it was non-stop action to include a Beach Boys concert on Saturday evening.  A few Meyers Manx was authenticated on the spot.  A lot of autographs and pictures by Mr. Meyers.  Certainly, a lot of dreams fulfilled by meeting, shaking hands, chatting story with Mr. and Mrs. Meyers.

This trip would not have been possible without the support of:  Edward J. Saunders; P. Gregory Frey; Bradley ‘Bubba’ Parrow; Brandy Les Kaneshiro; Jesse ‘Spyda’ Leano; Kamaile ‘Undertaker’ & Josie Almeida; Todd Matsumoto; Dean Michioka; Lisa Miller; Terry Gabriel; Dean Funakoshi; Mike Whaley; Joey Kekoa; Elena Luecke & Glen Kaleikaapunihonua; and, Ryan of Barefoot Buggy Rentals.  And, of course Jon Bickford of Kauai for not only broaching the question during Bruce’s 90th birthday bash in March in Glendale, CA. to come to Buggy Paradise, but for his chauffeuring and personal escort duties.    



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