13902740_10207090330884491_1627939794364784305_nPhoto courtesy John Brown

PACIFIC INK & ART EXPO 2016, HAWAII TATTOO EXPO celebrated its 5th Year Anniversary this year. OUR DEDICATED VWCoH ‘Ohana longtime Club member, GREG FREY, is one of the owners of the PACIFIC INK & ART EXPO.  This year was special because the world famous Good Vibrations Bug created by The Rusty VW and Stovepipe Finn Pette was raffled off in a worldwide contest and won by a Hawaii local boy, John Brown, and this exceptional one-of-a-kind art car was on the floor throughout the Hawaii Tattoo Expo.  

13895376_276108566091638_875236147521824431_nPhoto courtesy Miles Raniada


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  1. P.G. Frey says:

    As honestly as I can say it, our VWCoH Leadership & ‘Ohana has been in support of & behind the PACIFIC INK & ART EXPO since the very beginning in 2012. Many Club Members will remember that “choke” VWCoH cars were displayed on the EXPO floor that very first year, and many since then, to include THE RUSTY VW GOOD VIBRATIONS BUG which will also be on display at our upcoming SHAKA WEEKEND 2016 “Show & Shine”. I will FOREVER be indebted to the VWCoH ‘Ohana & Leaders for ALWAYS supporting the HAWAII TATTOO EXPO.

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