On this Saturday afternoon, a small cadre of VeeDubs of Westside Ka’a Hui Braddahood, Der Perle Stadt Kreuzers, and the VW Club of Hawaii cruised from Pearl City Walmart to Pier 38 to Honolulu Coffee Experience Center for the first ever Dubs & Coffee.  Thanks to Kayla Keehu for allowing we VeeDubs to cruise-in at the Honolulu Coffee Experience Center.  We were greeted by Lynn Anderson of HotVWs Magazine and Hunter Haskins, Journalist of Hana Hou the Magazine of Hawaiian Airlines.  Look for Lynn’s story coverage of this Dubs & Coffee Cruise in the October hotVWs Magazine issue coming into your store shelves or mailbox during September.  Hunter, an awesome storyteller is conjuring the perfect story which you will read in your upcoming Hawaiian Airlines flight.  Great venue at the beginning of Waikiki which we hope to engage more in the future.

20160611_152224Nelson Viernes, ’64 aqua Notchback with Subaru powerplant; Sonny Hornos’ ’61 Bug;

and, Hector Comesario’s ‘Red Heat’ Buggy.



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