20160320_184036Congratulations to Tony & Stella Smith, Hilo, Hawaii for winning the First Hawaiian International Auto Show People’s Choice.  Congratulations also to Alfredo & Janet Decierdo for winning the Motor Trends Auto Show LLC / Promoter’s Choice Award

THANK YOU Steve Freeman, Motor Trends Auto Show LLC for allowing the VWs of Hawaii to showcase their vintage/classic VWs for Hawaii to enjoy.

MAHALO to Todd Matsumto, Gordon Ortiz and Richard Carvalho for their hard work and efforts in facilitating this event for the betterment of the greater VW community

BIG MAHALOs to Irene Ramiro (Westside Ka’ahui Braddahood), Randy L. Perez (Hawaiian VW Outlaws), Scott Souza, Marty & Ronda Wurm, Dean Sheldon, Roger Moore and Richard Jones for volunteering their precious time in managing the VW corner. 


Tony Smith, Alfredo Decierdo, Kim Meyer, Rick Hare,  Randy L. Perez, Marty Wrum, Ken Smith, Shane Fivella, Brian Vollert, Richard Jones, Leo Bringas, Eldin Tomas, Scott Souza, Taylor Matsumoto, Merbin Carattini, Roger Moore, and Ryan Rapisura.

See PaulyC Productions video here.


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