The VW Club of Hawaii is ecstatically so proud to announce our newest partner — Air*Kewld.  If you know Air*Kewld you know Air*Kewld.  Air*Kewld is one of the most premier custom builders in the business.  Air*Kewld has been making VW dreams come true for over 12 years and counting. 

Their products are ages afront its nearest competitor — from narrowed beams to air ride kits to HQ series shocks for that comfortable ride to Badd series quality brake systems to 5-lug 17″ smoothies to custom wheels, to tight shifting and many many more.  

Air*Kewld will bring its kewl products and will be a vendor at our 15th Annual Shaka Weekend. 

Their renown ’58 Ragtop will be making its cameo debut at Ala Moana Beach Park on Sep 6th.  (Who knows The Airkewld ’58 Rag may very well be sold to a lucky buyer for the right price.)

From The VW Club of Hawaii, Mr. Pete Skiba, WELCOME ABOARD and we look forward to our partnership for the betterment of ALL Air*Kewld VeeDub enthusiasts.


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