ALL BUS CRUISE (pau (completed))

Fifteen Vintage VW Club of Hawaii and VW Club of Hawaii Busses paraded and convoyed from Pearl City to Airport Trade Ctr to Pier 38 to Ala Moana Beach Park and ending at Cheesecake Factory at the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Ctr.  As soon as we drove in and parked, it was like paparrazzi; people were eager and swarmed the Busses taking selfies and pictures.

CONGRATULATIONS to Waianae’s own Richard & Francine Neitzel ’67 ‘Honu’ Bus for being voted as the Koolest Bus in the ALL BUS CRUISE 2014.  Of 183 votes from Waikiki’s VW Bus lovers from all corners of the world, Richard & Francine was the favorite.  By one single vote was Ewa’s own Don Santiago ’67 Kewl Bus.  In 3rd place was another ’67 — Wahiawa’s own Sean Viernes.   

Luckily, Frank and Kalani of Wahiawa was able to rescue Ronald at the Pearl City Walmart rally point.  Ronald’s pulley broke and Frank and Kalani got Ronald back on the road in record pit stop time.  Ronald was so looking forward and been waiting for 2 years for an All Bus Cruise.  

BIG MAHALO to Ronald Rosuello, Jeff & Shane Marzo, Kalani Akiona & Jonah, Sean Viernes & Danny Nakanelua, Gordon&Carol Ortiz, Richard&Francine Neitzel, Richard&Leilani Carvalho, Frank&Nikki Abreu, Ryan Rapisura, Don Santiago, Alex Ching, Randy Wong & Brian Kim, and Karl Flores for cruisin’ their Busses.

SPECIAL MAHALO to Trevor Lee, Gordon Ortiz, Richard Carvalho, Jeff Marzo, Angie Cariaga, and Todd Matsumoto for making this ALL BUS CRUISE happen.


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