Regrettably, due to NO interest NO V-Dubs particiapted in the recent Aloha Festivals Floral Parade.  It’s unfortunate that the V-Dubs interest in this cultural parade just fizzled.  As a child we would sit on the curb watching those cool cars and big horses w/beautiful queens and floral decor.  It was our time and opportunity to showcase our ‘kauwelas’ but V-Dubs lost interest.  This historic event went on without us V-Dubs.  Aunty Toni was disappointed as I’m sure Hawaii (live and televised), too, would have liked to see us V-Dubs rollin’. 

For next year’s Aloha Festivals Floral Parade, it is our intention to announce to the parade committee by July, 1, 2014 if we’re ALL IN or NOT.  So, if you’re tentatively interested plan for it now and register now NLT July 1, 2014.  Comment here to register, or PM any VWCoH leadership here or FB.  Registration required because VDubs will be paired and owners’ names and hometown will be read at each of the 6-8 stages along the route.  Not to mention live telecast on TV.  If you want to drive a new EOS cabriolet, or if you want to volunteer your keiki to be a banner barrier let us know too.  Cabriolet drivers will drive a prominent Hawaii VIP.   

BIG MAHALO to Jacob Ballard, P. Gregory (and twin brother Grant) Frey, and Matt & Elke Gillooly for representing the VW Club of Hawaii and driving our title sponsor’s cabriolet to drive the parade VIPs during the recently concluded 67th Annual Aloha Festivals Floral Parade.

For the March 17, 2014 St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and June 2014 Kamehameha Day Floral Parade registration not required.  Stay tuned here for details as date nears.

Christmas Parades:  Christmas parades are regionalized, and its respective VeeDub residents participate accordingly.  Click here for November schedule, and here for December for specific town, time, date of Christmas Parades.  The Nov. 29th (night) Kalihi, Dec. 1st Pearl City, and Dec. 7th Mililani Chistmas Parades are automatic every year.  Contact your fellow VeeDub in your region for participation.  



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