On this blessed holy Sunday, the Tony Young Memorial Dedication was truly an emotional event for all.  Attended by Tony Jr. and daughter, and Lei (Tony’s sister) and Jeff, and the Young Ohana.  Bruddahs and sistahs were here since sunrise, and waited especially for this memorial dedication.  Tony Young’s Power-on crew was well represented.  Stuart of Kustom 1 Warehouse of Santa Fe Springs, CA sold parts w/100% of proceeds towards the Tony Young Fund.  Scooter Alley Moped crew came in droves.  Glenn Nomura of 706 Ewa Beach VW Club presented a presento and an envelope.  Timmy Johnson of Westside Ka’a Hui Braddahood donated $100.  Spyda (close personal friend), Scottie, Roy (Pres., VVWCoH), and Todd (Pres., VWCoH) delivered their touching personal condolences.  Among other donators were Gary  & Debbie Heya; Dean Sheldon; Richard Carvalho; Leo & Brenda Bringas; Billy & Sally Medeiros; Rich & Francine Neitzel; Glenn & Marina Yahiku; Aka Tamashiro; and others who did not sign-in, but gave generously$1,366.26 was collected and immediately given to the Young Ohana for the Tony Young Fund.

Lei thank all for their generosity and friendship, and was in awe of Tony’s VW life.  Tony Jr. was taken aback and emotional in the outpouring, and yet thank all.

Stay tuned here for an upcoming Tony Young Cruise / Last Ride / Ride in Paradise.



Photo courtesy of Todd Matsumoto

July 14 at 4:58pm Artie LiiMan just got a messed up phone call today we lost another good Braddah Tony “Underdog” Young our condolences goes out to the Young Ohana. Man I have known Tony from when I was in my diapers he was a good friend of our Ohana he use to come up our house with his buggy or Van a lot R I P Braddah Tony Aloha.

July 14 at 5:07pm Kal Faurot: Oh Nah Artie….Tony Young…??? He Really know’s da V-Dub..!!! WhooooooP ErrrrrK..!!!! 

July 15 at 6:29amArtie Lii: Rajah its crazy suppose on the news tonight moped crash in Manoa.

July 14 at 5:26pm Leonard Lenny Kea: R.I.P. braddah Tony!!!

July 14 at 5:28pm Romy Eleccion: RIP Braddah Tony condolences to his ohana

July 14 at 6:15pm Kenneth Keoki Whitehead: Prayers to the Young Ohana. R.I.P. Tony

July 14 at 6:32pm Artie Lii: just came from up Manoa Valley my heart goes out to Tonys son got to talk with him he has a lot on his shoulders haven’t sunk in yet but he is a strong boy.

July 14 at 6:37pm Shayne Costa: my Condolences to the Young Ohana

July 14 at 7:19pm Shane K Fivella: RIP Bruddah Tony. Thoughts and prayers goes out to his Ohana!

 July 14 at 9:37pm Nicole Florendo: Wow, I’m shocked!! How sad. My condolences to his family.

 July 14 at 10:58pm Irene Ligsay-Vereze: My prayers go out to his ohana for he is in a better place watching over all of us.

July 15 at 1:04am Nelson Caluyo: What a trip i use to work with the bradda .,…., in a blink of an eye life as we know can end ……. Rest in peace brads tony! Brads cod rip on the dirt bike …….

July 15 at 6:29am George Moore: Prayer’z sent….. RIP Tony

July 15 at 7:19am Kona Fleming: Malama Tony

 July 15 at 7:19am Jason Nagatori Sr. R.I.p tony

 July 15 at 7:20am Timmy Travaso: He was always crazy.

July 15 at 8:59am Artie Lii: Awesome pics that’s the Tony I know happy go lucky and he use tell me his buggy made to go every where

 July 15 at 4:51pm Mark Nylander: Ahhh man so sorry to hear of this Todd!!!
My prayers go out to hiis family as well as you and all the Vw Ohana. He was a legend in the Vw Community and will truely be missed! Aloha Tony and Mahalo’s for all of your help!  May you R.I.P.

 July 15 at 7:20pm Mark Moran: We sure r going to miss ya brother TY,god bless,rest in peace,love ya!!!!!!whoooop!!!!!

 July 15 at 10:57pm Kona Fleming: I miss da bruddah already

July 15 at 10:02pm Timmy Travaso: We should get a ride together for brother tony.
July 15 at 10:02pm  Jacob Ballard: set a date and time and all will come!!
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