BUGS IN THE ZOO (completed)

Another resounding sucesss!  Close to $1,000 benefits the Honolulul Zoo Conservation Fund.  THANK YOU to all 62 VW enthusiasts from the VW Club of  Hawaii, Vintage VW Club of Hawaii, and the West Side Ka’a Hui Bradahood who showcased their VeeDubs, donated $5 ea, and spent the day with fellow enthusiasts.

Director’s Choice – Kyle Kodama, Waimanalo, red Chop Rag.


People’s Choice – Abcdee Travaso, Manana (Pearl City), ‘Hello Kitty’ Dune Buggy.


Pucky’s Memorial Award – Jennifer & Jake Ballard, yellow Notchback.

What is Pucky’s Memorial?

“Past two years the “Kruger’s Memorial” trophy was in honor of our beloved white Rhino, who passed away.  This year, I’ve decided to have the ‘Pucky’s Memorial’ in honor of our beloved rooster.  Yes, a rooster!  This guy was like no other.  He was famous, posing for pictures with guests from all over the world.  He changed the minds of folks who were afraid of chickens with his gentle nature.  People were just blown away by him.  He was the rock star of the birthday party encounters the zoo had.  One of his most favorite things to do was go riding in the golf cart.  He would stand and crow when we went slow and hunker down when we went fast.  People were amazed to see a rooster riding on the cart!  Sometimes we would take a ride to pick up supplies, and he always would still be on the cart, waiting for me.  He was old, much older than normal, and was continuing to have arthritis issues.  Sadly, the decision was made to put him down and end his pain.  Agreeing to this was one of the most hardest decisions I have made.  So, on his last day before the zoo opened, we went for a ride around the entire zoo.  He ate so much mealworms (his favorite snack) he didn’t want anymore!  It’s crazy, but this guy turned out to be my most favorite of all the animals in the zoo, and I miss him still…” MikiMahalo,

The VW Club of Hawaii

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