VW Brotherhood

Aloha VW Ohana,

Today after completing the Hot VW’s Magazine photo shoot and on the way home Bruddah Gonzo was encountered problems with his oval. Driving through Haliewa he was already experiencing sputtering and a possible fuel loss. No matter how many times he pulled over he witnessed the VW Brotherhood pulling over right behind him and lending a hand.

By the time they reached Kaneone our club Pres Todd Matsumoto offered to tow Gonzo all the way up the Likelike HWY to his home in Kalihi. Which we all know is a long journey.

Gonzo would like to express his gratitude to Todd Matsumoto, Shane Langen, Gordon Ortiz and everyone else who assisted.

In my conversation to Gonzo he said “Was really touching!”

Photo courtesy: Bruddah Gonzo

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2 Responses to VW Brotherhood

  1. P. Gregory "Greg" Frey says:

    This is an absolute prime example — Exhibit “A” if you will — of our VWCH Leadership taking care of we members, and making sure we are all well. I experienced the same problem heading home. I knew the route was a long & very challenging one for we small kine original system & engine VW’s OK for the modofied, but tough on the little engines. What a great locale for the staged group shot at the Air Field, and I wanted so to be part of it ……. so I cruised wit everyone. As most took the North Shore turnpike after the group shot, I braved the return route home wit a few other members. I made it all the way to Kahala until I sputtered and had to pull off the road. Cool a bit, and open the distributor, and I did make it home……….thankfully. Could have used a few members, but it was all good in the end. Next long route maybe it’s time to cruise in my more reliable new model VW, huh?! PGF

  2. Shawn Burke says:

    It was my first VWCH Cruise and an honor to cruise with so many vintage and custom VWs yesterday! What a beautiful day and an awesome cruise! Every time I looked in my rearview mirror, it was full of VWs and brought a huge smile to my face. Also seeing all the smiles and shakas as we pass people on the road. Mahalo nui loa to our leadership for organizing the show, photo shoot and cruise, and for taking care of one another and lending a hand.

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