BIG mahalo to Bobby Greene who has served thousands of Volkswagen enthusiasts past 35+ years.  Bobby is retiring his 1146 Kona St. shop.  Recently, Todd and Tyler paid Bobby a visit and personally thanked him on behalf of the VW Club of Hawaii for not only donating all of his excess parts for the recent swap meet at Todd’s house, but for also being a VW friend.

Bobby’s heart is still into Volkswagens but will not have a stationary shop to own and manage — he will be accessible by mobile service and can readily be reached at (808)387-3042.

And, BIG Mahalo to Bob Simpson also known as Pele Bug also known as PB Machines, too, is closing his 3006 Ualena St. shop.  Bob has been in the VW business since 1968.  He’s talked about retiring for some time now and looks like July 31st was his last clearance, going out-of-business sale.

Bob, like Bobby, can not rid of the VW bug fever so he will jump to servicing Big Island, and will share a shop part-time on 206C Mokauea St. in beautiful Kalihi.

Both Hawaii VW Legends in their 78+ years experience certainly keep us VWs alive.  They helped us pass our VWs from generation to generation.  They are the reason the Hawaii VW scene is so strong as it is in past years and years to come.  It’s bitter-sweet that these icons have moved on, but we’re happy that they’re on ‘semi-retired’ mode and will enjoy life to its fullest degree.  If you’re in the Kona St. area behind McKinley Car Wash or in the Airport area by Nimitz,  please stop by and thank Bobby and Bob before they close Tanya Automotive Specialist and Pele Bug shops for good.  Even if you don’t know Bobby or Bob stop by and shake their hands for what they have done for us — the VW Ohana.

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  1. VW service says:

    Big Mahalo indeed – 35 years is a long time in VW car service and wish him all the best in retirement.

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