Big Mahalos VW Club of Hawaii Show Car Invitational First Hawaiian Auto Show

Aloha VW Ohana, Just sending out a BIG MAHALO to the 31 invitees of our 4th return to the 2010 First Hawaiian Auto Show at the Hawaii Convention Center this past weekend. Over 30,000 people came through and reminised and had nothing but great things to say about our Classic and Custom Hawaiian VW’s!!! All areas of Oahu represented their VW’s well from Nanakuli & Eva Beach to Wahiawa & Waimanalo and more. We had many good cool stories from people around the world who were touched by our respect for old VW’s…like the little old lady from Detroit, who drove her ever so dependable 56 Bug to school everyday a 100 miles!!! WOW!!! Another senior couple who drove their 65 Green Kombi Camper just like Roy’s from Alberta Canada to Alaska for many summer vacations! Thanks to Barry and his family for bringing out his rare 53 Ambulance & 50 Split Ragtop Custom Bug. Very interesting! And Dean for rolling out his Black Beauty 52 Crotch Cooler Split Wondow. Awesome times to meet and greet people and make new friends amongst our VW Ohana. Mahalo to Eric from Nanakuli and family for the beautiful lei and feeding me every day!!! Long drive and ONO Grinds BRAH! Aloha to Shane and Dana for the coverage in the gallery, SOLID! And to Derwin and Danny for last minute fill-in’s. Vintage VW Club and the 706 VW Crew for their support. To all of our imediate VW Club of Hawaii Board Members who pitched in, GREAT JOB! In ending…The show is a dedication to my late German dad Albert Roth who got me into VW’s. Miss you pop, I know you are smiling up there! And Much love to my own family for supporting my VW passion.

Thanks again so much to all the VW Ohana for sharing their sprirt of Aloha…

Hope to see you at our next event! M.Roth and The VW Club of Hawaii

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