Martin Luther King Day Cruise

The Calendar Event said to meet at 4pm at Star Bucks Airport Location. Four people showed up at 4pm while Todd (Zig Zag), Angie, and I rolled in at 5:30. Ed, Bob, Kyle, Travis and the Guys from Waimanalo arrived around 5:45pm the other VW owners arrived all around that time too.

There were a total of 25 VW’s which met for the cruise or joined in during the Cruise. There were Bugs, Dune Buggies, Ghias, and a VW Bus in the Cruise.

That evening the weather and night was awesome.  Because the day before we had storm which consisted of High Wind Warnings and heavy rain.   But the evening and night of the Cruise, not 1 drop of rain, and no clouds in the sky. It was just a little Chilly.  Mostly everyone in the Cruise wore Custom Dickie Chino embroidered, custom patched Jackets,  Hoodies and long sleeve shirts because of the beautiful Cold Hawaiian Night.

We started out at Star Bucks near the Airport.  We all departed around 6:30pm we all Cruised down Nimtiz to Ala Moana BLVD, then 1st Pit Stop Magic Island Ala Moana Park.  After that Pit Stop we cruised down Waikiki really slow because Shane and Dana from Creative Minds were doing a Video of all the VW’s in the Cruise cruising down Waikiki Strip. Our next and last Pit Stop was Diamond Head Lookout.  Everyone parked up there for a couple of hours talked story and enjoyed each others company.  We all headed home and split up between 9pm and 10 pm.  It was short fun cruise and good to wish everyone Happy New Year!

The next VW related event is “The VW Vintage Club of Hawaii Swap Meet February 8, 2009 8am at Waimalu Elementary.

The next VW Club of Hawaii event is the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade which all the VW owners are invited to be in the Parade.

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