Thank You from The Deacon Family!

Thank you all for joining us in helping Axl. We, the Deacon Family, appreciate everything you’ve all done to help us get help for little Axl in this worrisome time. We could not have had such a wonderful and successful event without all of your contributions. It was so moving to see everybody come together for a good cause and have fun doing it! We can never thank you all enough.

Axl is heading out in a week to Texas. With all of your help we were able to raise enough money so that he can have his surgery and lead a normal life. All of our prayers will be with him and our gratitude with all of you.

Much Aloha – The Deacon Family

Check out our member’s rides at Axl’s Gearhead Classic!

Check out the Axl’s Gearhead Classic Gallery on!

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