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Photo courtesy Edge Yuen aka HiVolks (fb)Collage courtesy of Kaila Mada, President, Oahu Chapter 808 Fuel

“ALL VWs, EVERY SINGLE VW Model is a personal VIP guest at 808_Fuel’s EWA BEACH CRUISE NIGHT. We at 808_Fuel have never banned and will never ban my favorite group of Cruizas from the Ewa Beach cruise night ~ Kaila. “

Photo courtesy Edge Yuen aka HiVolks (fb)

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Clicky anywhere on the picture above to link to voice mail from Jim Sylvester to Todd Matsumoto.

To my fellow VW enthusiasts:

As of today we are banned from certain cruise night events.  We must remember at these events that there’s a lot of eyes and ears watching and listening.  You don’t know who is at these events.  There could be a Senator or a House Representative checking it out.  At this time we are trying to pass a bill to help a lot of hot rod enthusiast get their cars legal. 

For those of you VWs racing at Campbell Industrial, this does not sit well for a lot of us.  Dune buggies are legal now but it can also become illegal all over again. 

I’ve put in a lot of my personal time into this bill.  I hope being banned from the cruise nights will open up your eyes.  We’re lucky we’re not being banned from the streets altogether.  I don’t think after building your car you want to look at it just sitting in your garage unable to drive it on the street do you? 

Wake up people this is not the 80s we’re not kids anymore.

If you want to race help us with supporting a new race track instead of racing illegally at Campbell Industrial on the weekend.  We know who you are.  HPD informs me about these activities every now and then.  Don’t ruin it for the rest of us that just want to cruise . 

You can see what just happen this weekend it just takes a few bad decisions like drinking and driving.



Todd Matsumoto, President, VW Club of Hawaii

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Photo courtesy Todd MatsumotoPhoto courtesy Vicki Masocco of Melbourne, Australia

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